How To Grow Your Auto Detailing Business in 2023!

How To Grow Your Auto Detailing Business in 2023!

Running a business in 2022 can be difficult if you are in a saturated area or a very populated city. You have to make your brand stick out. Running a mobile detailing business can be one of the friendliest business models to start in 2023.

How To Get Your First Clients As An Auto Detailer

One of the first ways to grow your auto mobile detailing business is by using friends and family. Yes you hear this all the time but using this method and not bombarding them is the best route to go. For example asking if you can wash their car for free and if they want to tip me they can. You would do this 2-5 times to get amazing pictures of your service. Then take short form video to post everywhere on social media. Ask those friends and family to refer you to some people and you should get your first couple of clients right there.

Auto Mobile Detailing Advertising

Auto Detailing Network Marketing Organically

Next join network group chats on Facebook and Nextdoor and post your work on there so you can continue. With that you can get to know the community so you can start to get a lot of referrals. If you consistently post on Facebook groups and next door you should start to get some traction. Throughout the community. Remember post more value then selling. If you post nothing but selling they will take you as a sales person and you don’t want that as a reputation in the community. For example you can post how to videos for locals on cleaning to show you are the expert in your field. You can also post video clips of you cleaning cars that are satisfying that are appealing to a consumer. The more you show as the expert the more they will come to you with their credit card lol.

Auto Mobile Detailing  PPC Advertising

Social Media Advertising For Auto Detailers

Boom now you got your first couple of clients. It’s time to really start pushing your brand on social media. Now it’s time to start marketing your brand. Now if you don’t have any friends or family you most likely will start to have to advertise. You can market your brand through a lot of different venues as in Tiktok, Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram, or even next door. With auto detailing you can get away with spending anywhere between $20-30 a day. Now it really just depends what platform you want to use. In 2022 TikTok is booming for local business because of everyone’s addiction to short term content. For the most quantity of leads I would suggest to run ads on TikTok or Facebook/Instagram. If your looking for quality leads I would suggest Google PPC advertising.

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Google Advertising

The reason I suggest Google because not only have I done it. In theory your putting your self in front of people who are actually searching up for your service. Rather then Facebook or Instagram where your disruptive ad targeting. Meaning your targeting only on interest and catching someone mid scroll. To see if they like your offer of product or service. On top of that if you have never ran Google ads before you can get free ad credit of $500

Auto Mobile Detailing Marketing

Free Ad Credit On Google

So running campaign’s you getting free clients I don’t think you can beat that! When we run google campaign’s for auto detailers we try to aim at leads anywhere between $10-$25 a lead. Since these leads are inbound phone calls, are more high quality and there looking up to get a quote for your service it justify the price versus putting an ad on Facebook and getting a message talking about your service and asking more about it.

Auto Detailing Advertising In 2022

Multi Platform Social Media Advertising

Have you ever clicked on a website and then went on social media after and saw that ad for that same website you just went on? Happens to all of us all the time because these companies incorporate top of funnel, middle of funnel and bottom funnel advertising. This next section is for the more established companies that have 5-10+ employees once you start to run Google ads. Once you start to advertise on Google you can retarget on other social media platforms for $1-5 a day. Then as soon as they are looking for your service you can catch them on social media where they hangout. Depending on how many people are visiting your site you can get away with $1 a day. “The money is in the follow up” retargeting is your follow up. This is where you start to see 5x your money through yours ads. Every dollar you put in you get $5 out. You do that by setting up pixels and tracking codes on your landing page for other platforms. For example Facebook mega pixel, you would paste that on your landing page.

If you would like to implement these method on your own you can watch a free training here . If you do end up running google ads do NOT send that traffic to your website you need to be sending that to a landing page. Google ads won’t be as effective if your sending that too your website because websites convert anywhere from 2-7% where our high converting landing pages are converting 20-45%. Meaning every 100 clicks your getting 20-45 leads. You are still spending the same amount of money just by sending it to a landing page you will double or triple the amount of leads instantly.

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