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Growing Business DA Detailing Port-Saint-Lucie

Port-Saint-Lucie is one of the fastest growing cities in America and with that growing a business shouldn’t be too hard right? That’s what most people think but if your a business owner you know the struggles of new leads appointments and sales am I right? Down below I have two testimonials from a detailer in Port Saint Lucie. Where we took Dominik from DA Detailing from $300 a month to over $10k in less then 3 months.

Port Saint Lucie Detailing

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Month 1

Dominik came to us working part time and running his mobile detailing business on the side. After working with him within a month we were able to bring him 30 new customers month 1 he can turn into long term customers. DA Detailing was a start up when we first started working with him now he has a full tank and a shop. Dominik is now going full time chasing his dreams every day to reach the business of his dreams.

Port-Saint-Lucie business goals

Month 2 We brought DA Detailing another 30+ detailing clients. On month 3 we are on pace to help him reach their first 10k month only working 3 months with us. Our ad strategy is powerful and impactful, we may not get 1000s of leads for him. All of our leads are high intent so he turns more leads into customers. Which is awesome because we add to his business long term with new high intent clients. In addition growing business in Port-Saint-Lucie leads to new opportunities of connections and bigger goals.

Month 3

What we did for him was create a landing page and sent PPC traffic to his page. Doing that it captured people calling him in his area to get quoted for detailing. He has been one of our best customers from picking up the phone when customers are contacting him. When you implement everything with great customer support growing a business in Port-Saint-Lucie is not as hard as you think.

Auto Detailing Social Media Marketing

Growing auto detailing businesses can be one of the easiest things to do if you know what your doing. We use Google as the main traffic source because the consumers are looking up for your service its a no brainer.

In addition, Marketing for detailing businesses can be simple if you hire the right team. At EMC we continuously work with the best detailers in the country and work day and night to achieve their best results. If your struggling to hit that 5 figure mark or your looking to scale to that 6 figure mark per month fill out the form below. Book a call with the #1 SEO & Web Design Company in Port Saint Lucie.

In conclusion, We are looking for more businesses in Port Saint Lucie to grow whether through reviews or SEO and paid ads. We want YOU to be next to grow your business in Port Saint Lucie!

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